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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Survey Bypasser v2.1 by kNox

Get the ONLY working Survey Bypasser! Never again will you have to complete another survey; you will have a survey bypasser.

I found a method, rather a loophole, in the survey completion crediting system. I 'spoof' a credit completion, which allows my program to download the file. My program then uploads the file to DropBox, and gives you the download link. It's that simple, and FREE!

Any website with surveys is supported. It does not matter if it is FileIce, DollarFiles, CleanFiles, or anything - the bypasser works universally.


  1. Download the survey bypasser using the link above
  2. Extract all the files and run the program
  3. Navigate to the web site with the survey and copy the URL
  4. Paste the URL into the program
  5. Copy the OFFER NAME of one of the surveys and paste it into the pgropam
  6. Press "Bypass"
  7. Wait a while, and your download should be ready in a few seconds.
  8. Download your file, and enjoy!
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